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NWS Autoweigh System
NWS Autoweigh System

The Driver Control(s) are normally located next to the weighbridge, within reach of the truck driver. It consists of a display, numeric keyboard and proximity card reader housed within a weatherproof stainless steel enclosure. The driver uses the DCS to identify the truck and enter the load details.
PROXIMITY CARD READER - The card reader is used to identify vehicles and provide system security. The truck driver simply places the card within 75mm of the reader to be recognised by the system. The indentification cards are the same size as a credit card (86 x 56 x 2.8 mm). Unlike other systems there are no holes to allow the ingress of water, dust or other materials and there are no moving parts. This greatly improves the reliablitiy of the reader.

The display is used to guide the driver through the transaction. The display is a 20-character by 4-line alphanumeric liquid crystal display. It features 10mm high characters which are extremely easy to read, even in direct sun light. Internal fluorescent lighting allows the display to be read at night.

The keyboard is used by the driver to enter the load details as requested by the display. The numeric keyboard is constructed from twelve 22mm industrial push buttons.

The Driver Control Station supports RS232c, RS422 and RS485 communication standards.

The Driver Control Station is covered by 12 months warranty.

All are fully designed and manufactured by Newcastle Weighing Services Pty Ltd using locally sourced components where possible.

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