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NWS Driver Control Station

AutoWeigh is an automated Weighbridge System. It is used to record, monitor and report the movement of products through the site. The system allows vehicles to be weighed automatically without the necessity of a weighbridge operator. Vehicle drivers are prompted for necessary information. The system complies with all the specifications of the National Standards Commission. GUIDELINES FOR AUTOMATED WEIGHBRIDGE SYSTEMS, leaflet number: 29, January 1995.


·     Weights read directly from the weighbridge weighing indicator.

·     The ability to quickly identify regular vehicles using proximity cards or pin numbers.

·     The ability to identify one off vehicles using the driver control station keypad.

·     A Truck database that allows regular truck details to be stored.

·     A Truck stored tare facility to increase weighbridge throughput by eliminating tare weighings for selected vehicles.

·     A Truck Configuration database that allows different configurations for a truck to be stored. Split Weighings are supported.

·     A Product database that allows a particular product to be recorded against a transaction.

·     A Source and Supplier database that allows a particular source to be recorded against a transaction

·     A Destination and Customer database that allows a particular Destination to be recorded against a transaction.

·     The database information may be prompted for at the Driver Control Station screen as each transaction occurs or conversely all or some of the information may be stored against each individual truck automatically.

·     Extensive reporting facilities allowing detailed and summary Transaction, Truck, Product, Source and Destination movement reports over any specified period.

·     Advanced security through the use of profiles and passwords.

·     Ability to export report data in the following formats: Excel, Word, Crystal Reports, HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, Rich Text, and Text.

·     Remote Administration via serial, modem or network connection.

·     Year 2000 compliant - 4 digit years used throughout.

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